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Honors and Awards

Every year, CSEA members are recognized for their extraordinary contributions to their union and the students they serve.

Activist of the Year Award

The Richard C. Bartlett Activist of the Year Award recognizes members who vigorously advocate in political activities or specific causes important to the mission and goals of CSEA.

California Classified Employee of the Year Award

The California Classified Employee of the Year Program highlights the efforts of classified employees who contribute to a positive school environment, and have gone above and beyond what was expected of them.

California Community Colleges Classified Employees of the Year

The California Community Colleges Classified Employees of the Year awards honor outstanding classified employees who demonstrate the highest level of commitment to professionalism and community colleges.

Communication Awards

CSEA’s Public Relations Committee recognizes CSEA communicators for their outstanding print and electronic communications. Winners are selected for several award categories.

Humanitarian of the Year Award

The William P. Schwartz Humanitarian of the Year Award is given to a person who continues founding father Bill Schwartz’ legacy of unselfish concern and reflects a noble desire to improve the lives of CSEA members and/or the community at large.

Life Member and Honor Roll

Approved by a vote of the CSEA annual conference delegates, Life Membership and Honor Roll placement are awarded to CSEA activists in recognition of extraordinary service to CSEA. This award is CSEA's highest honor.

Member of the Year Award

CSEA honors its finest members with its Member of the year award. These members are recognized for their commitment and dedication of classified employees to the students of California, community involvement, and activism.

Membership Unity Program & Award

CSEA’s Membership Unity Program (MUP) is as a vital program that helps chapters increase strength and unity by providing training and motivation for chapter activists. MUP trains teams of chapter leaders on how to build the power of their chapters by applying organizing skills to increase member participation in crucial chapter activities. Each year, the chapter participating in MUP that has done the best job of strengthening their chapter and building the union with better informed and more active membership is selected as the MUP Prize winner.

Outstanding Service Awards

The Outstanding Service Awards are granted to persons (member or non-member) who provide outstanding and extraordinary service for members, students, or the community.

Recognizing Inspirational School Employees (RISE) Award

The RISE Award is a national honor given each year to classified education support employees who are doing extraordinary and inspirational things in their schools and communities to promote quality education, foster safe and positive learning environments, and ensure student success.

Victory Club Circle of Stars

In recognition of the outstanding effort many chapters are making to increase enrollment in the Victory Club

Victory Club membership drives are an integral part of the success of the Victory Club and CSEA’s overall political program. The Circle of Stars Award was established by the Board of Directors in 1996 to be given to chapters with the most Victory Club membership growth. There are two awards within each of the following categories: Highest percentage and highest number of members in chapters with memberships of up to 499 and chapters with memberships of 500 or more.

Unity Award

The Laurence Twoaxe Unity Award is given to a person who continues the legacy of uniting classified employees and noble desire to improve the lives of CSEA members and/or the community.

Walter H. Blice Award

Recognition for Outstanding Political Service on CSEA's Behalf
Since 1983, the Walter H. Blice Award, also known as the Wally Award, has been given every year to a CSEA member/political activist in recognition for outstanding political service on behalf of CSEA.