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Job skills training

Job skills training

Professional growth doesn’t mean you have to enroll in a college degree program or change careers. In most cases, professional growth simply means sharpening your job skills and keeping pace with changes in your field of work.

Local programs

Most employers encourage their employees to continue their job training. In many cases they will even pay for it. CSEA works with colleges and school districts to negotiate in-service training and incentive programs for job training. Training programs benefit employers by providing them with highly trained workers, and it benefits the employees by keeping them at the forefront of their job.

Some CSEA chapters have negotiated stipends and tuition re-imbursement and even pay increases for employees who improve their job skills through professional growth programs. Check with your chapter leaders to find out what programs and incentives are available to you.

Statewide professional growth

From CSEA conferences and training to government-sponsored programs and private vocational schools, classified employees have many options for professional growth and job training.

California Paraeducator Conference

The California Paraeducator Conference, co-sponsored by CSEA, is held every spring. This multi-day event offers paraeducators and other public school personnel a unique opportunity to learn new techniques that they can use in the classroom and on the job. Experts will discuss innovative approaches toward a variety of important issues.

CSEA TrainingU

CSEA offers a variety of training opportunities in four major areas of professional growth: Career: Upward Bound, EQ at Work, Lifestyles Matters and Develop Your Inner Leader. These training programs are presented by our Training Division, as well as members of the CSEA Trainer’s Bureau. Usually offered through district in-service and staff development programs, the seminars are free to union members (CSEA charges employers a small fee to offset the costs of travel and materials).

California Department of Education Diagnostic Centers

California Department of Education's Diagnostic Centers offer professional development opportunities for teachers, administrators, special education staff, families and service agency personnel. Professional development is offered at no cost to participants, who also receive a certificate of completion. Centers are located in Fremont, Fresno and Los Angeles.

Technical/Trade School Directory
Vocational trade schools offer career-oriented degrees in a variety of high-growth occupational areas. Search popular California trade schools, vocational colleges and universities.