CSEA Paraeducator Conference

2019 Paraeducator Conference

March 17-19, 2020

Ontario Convention Center
Ontario, CA

CSEA is presenting the 23rd Annual California Paraeducator Conference March 17-19, 2020 in Ontario.

Registration for the 2020 Paraeducator Conference begins October 1!

History of the Paraeducator Conference

The Paraeducator Conference debuted in 1998 in Sacramento with about one hundred attendees. Since then, the annual conference has continued to grow, drawing well over a thousand attendees each year.

The growth of the conference is a clear indication of the dedication paraeducators have to their profession and students. Districts also see the value in the professional training Paraeducators receive at the conference; many choosing to provide funding and paid work days for their Paraeducators to attend.

Paraeducators do more than teach children. They are student’s confidant, health coach, safe person and more. The true effects of a paraeducator’s influence in the classroom and the community are immeasurable. That’s why this conference provides the knowledge and training paraeducators need. They come to learn the latest in industry standards, to learn about the rights they have under the law and to network with other CSEA paraeducators across the state.

The success of the conference can be found in the respect, value and pride paraeducators feel in their profession and the confidence they gain when they take new knowledge and skills back to their districts.

More Information

For more information, contact us at para@csea.com.

Para Conference

2019 Paraeducator Conference

The following information from the 2019 Paraeducator Conference held in Sacramento can be found at csea.com/para22:

  • Workshop Descriptions
  • Workshop Handouts & Powerpoints
  • CSEA Benefit Providers
  • General Info