CSEA Pre-Retirement Seminars

Pre-Retirement Seminars

It’s never too early to learn about your retirement!

CSEA Sponsored Pre-retirement seminars have been completed for the current school year. Seminars for 2019/20 school year will be announced after Sept. 1. If you need to take a seminar prior to that time please call CalPERS 1 (888) 225-7377 or visit their website at www.calpers.ca.gov.

Enjoy your summer. We hope to see you at a future CSEA sponsored Pre-retirement Seminar.

Check back soon: New seminar dates and locations will be posted to this page after August, 2019.

Plan ahead

Whether you’re retiring this year or 40 years from now, you should attend a FREE CSEA Pre-Retirement Seminar in your area. You’ll get the information you need to maximize your pension benefits.

Get answers online

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