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Training U: Professional Development

Training U

CSEA’s Education and Training department is committed to the development of all members. Whether you’re a CSEA member or CSEA chapter leader, we provide trainings and informational presentations that build professional skills; offer lifestyle advice and help to further develop leadership ability.

Trainings for all Members

We offer courses in the following areas for all members: Career: Upward Bound; EQ at Work; Lifestyles Matters; Develop Your Inner Leader.


Are you ready to take your personal development to the next level? Join us in looking at how our personality shapes our behavior with “True Colors.” Examine the interworking of how groups function and how you can improve your relationships in teams with “Group Dynamics.”  Gain skills on how to manage and prioritize your hectic schedule with “Get it Done.”  And beat that fear of public speaking with the highly entertaining and interactive “How to Give a Killer Presentation.”...More


Need some guidance on how to invest your money? Getting close to retirement and wonder what will happen when you are suddenly chalk full of time? Ever think about why the ads you sometimes see online look like they were targeted just for you? Explore these topics and more in our Lifestyle Matters series!...More


Want to take your career to the next level? In this series we will explore how to brand and market yourself, how to design your resume to match the needs of a job posting (as well as what employers are looking for), and how to put your best foot forward when presenting yourself at the interview!...More


Leadership do not just happen overnight.  While there are those who lead charismatically, leading with value and purpose takes more than just speaking passionately. Great leaders don’t dictate, they participate. Join our “Develop Your Inner Leader” series and learn how to lead with your values, strengthen your leadership network online, and how to motivate and inspire others to do the same...More

Request a Training

To request these trainings, complete the Training Request Form.

Please note…

  • Training requests forms should be competed a minimum of eight weeks prior to the request date.
  • Requests with 100 or more participants require two or more trainers and separate training rooms.
  • Trainer availability is considered when approving requests.
  • An Education and Training representative may call you to get more details and information regarding your request.
  • Final approvals and confirmation will be sent via email.
  • Cost for Training is charged to the employer for trainings or presentations held during in-service days.  The fees are $10 per classified employee and $30 per non-classified employee with a minimum guarantee of $200.
  • The following requirements are the responsibility of the requestor for every training/presentation unless otherwise noted
    • LCD projector
    • Screen
    • Flip chart paper
    • Speakers
    • Hand held microphone
    • Tables – rounds of six-eight
    • Sign-in registration with typed names of participants

Chapter Leader Development Trainings

The Education and Training Department also offers CSEA’s chapter executive board development training for chapter and chapter leaders. These courses focus on various leadership topics including strategic thinking, communication styles, leadership strengths, and developing influence and are highly interactive and engaging.

If your chapter executive board is interested in enrolling please contact your local field office.