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Wayne Harris

Director's Message

Hello Area A Members,

As always I want to thank all our wonderful Area A members and staff for all the exceptional work that you have been doing.  Life can be a grind as we all know and I just want to make sure you all understand how important and vital your roles are.  

CSEA’s newest slogan for CSEW week is "Classified Employees, The Heartbeats of our Schools".  Let me tell you that is spot on.  Without us classified employees, the schools could not be ran properly.  You are a valued member of the district.

Stay united my brothers and sisters and as long as we stand together we will not fall. 

In Solidarity,

Wayne Harris


Back to School

Back to School: CSEA members get schools ready for students

While many people think of summer as vacation time for schools, CSEA members across the state worked behind the scenes to prepare for the start of a new school year.

Deal reached in charter school reform legislation

Governor Newsom joined legislators and education advocates, including CSEA and labor coalition partners, to work out a deal that will increase accountability for California’s 1,300-plus charter schools.
Charter Schools

Charter Schools

The unregulated growth and lack of accountability of the state’s 1,300 publicly-funded, privately-managed charter schools threatens the success of public education.
Back to Work

Back to work, back to CSEA

As we start the new school year, don’t forget to reacquaint yourself with CSEA and all the rights and benefits you have as a union member.