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CSEA Protesting at San Jose Unified District 5/9/2019

In memory of Sandy Silva


by Machelle Kessinger

Today as I think of you

A smile comes to my face

The memories of your sweet smile

I will always cherish and embrace

The giving heart and gentle hug

A helping hand for sure

Reminds me of the gift you were

Your love so kind and pure.

Thank you my friend for taking me

Under your wings of love

Mentoring me in so many ways

And now from heaven above

Your laugh, your joy, and humor

Was a gift for all to see

Your funny way to say

 Be who you are meant to be

Your memory will always remind me

To do what is right and stay strong

In my heart your will remain

Forever as the days are long.

I love you Sandy

Rest in Peace my Friend

Area C at the 93rd Annual CSEA Conference
Area C at the 93rd Annual CSEA Conference

2019 Officer Skills Trainings and Officer Installations

The amazing officers of CSEA's Area C are being trained on how to execute the offices to which they have been elected.  The trainings are occurring throughout the Area from Salinas (1/26) to San Jose (2/2) to Martinez (3/16).

2018 CSEW Picnic & Golden Bear Awards

On May 5th 2018, the members from Area C arrived at CSEA Headquarters in San Jose, California to a wonderful carnival, with booths, games, food and drink. They also were greeted by Area Director Machelle Kessinger and Field Director Charley Goetchius who led the awards ceremony to honor the amazing members of Area C

Area Institute

The Area C Institute is an intensive training which includes workshops, skill development, networking, and team building opportunities.

Institute Resources

These are some of the wonderful presentations, videos, and training resources that were presented to members that attended the Leadership Institute.

Birth of a Union

In this updated program, the history of the California School Employees Association is told by the founder Bill Schwartz, members, archival video and photographs. A union of over 210,000 members, CSEA is the largest classified union in the nation.

History of CSEA

CSEA began in 1927 when a group of Oakland school custodians set out to secure retirement benefits. A group of nine men and one woman assembled for CSEA’s first conference. During the three-day meeting, they established a ...Read More

Motivating and Influencing

This is a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation given by Megan Cole on Motivating and Influencing our members.

Communicating Across Generations

This is a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation given by our very own Communication's Director, Frank Polito. It is an in-depth look at the current generations that make up the current CSEA membership and how we can best communicate to the various generations.

New Employee Orientation

This is a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation given by Labor Relations Representative Danny Corum that gives an example of a New Employee Orientation Presentation given in the Milpitas Chapter


This is a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation was given for S.W.O.T. - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunies, Threats. It trains you on the methods for defining and using each of the elements to strenghten your chapter.

Area C Director

Machelle Kessinger

Machelle Kessinger is one of 10 Area Directors serving on the CSEA Board of Directors. She works as a principal's secretary in Milpitas Unified School District. All Area Directors serve unlimited two-year terms and are democratically elected by the CSEA members in their area. In addition to representing members in their area at Board of Directors meetings and conferences, Area Directors also facilitate leadership trainings and area-wide events during Classified School Employee Week and other occasions.



Meet your Area C Director

Your Area C Director, Machelle Kessinger, is a devoted and hard working volunteer for CSEA. As the Area C Director she believes in mentoring other CSEA volunteers to help them move forward.


Area C Committee Appointments

Standing committees are appointed by the Association President and are comprised of members from throughout the state. Some committees also have a community college, public sector, and county office of education (COE) representative. CSEA committees make recommendations to the board of directors on issues and activities within their respective committee’s scope.The association president appoints specialized taskforces to study specific issues outside the scope of standing committees. Below are the committee members from Area C.

Committee Committee Purpose




The Awards Committee ensures that our members receive respect and recognition, by promoting and encouraging Association awards programs that acknowledge CSEA members and other classified employee advocates who provide outstanding service to the students of our state; are involved in their community; and/or exemplify union activism.



John Wise

The Communications Committee works to improve members' knowledge of CSEA’s goals, objectives and activities by developing better communications and information distribution systems. The committee provides public relations and communications training, assistance and support to CSEA members and leadership. It also works to promote a positive community image of CSEA and increase member pride of CSEA’s standing in the community.

Community College Committee


Denise Apuzzo

The purpose of the Community College Committee is to Research, Educate, and Communicate the issues and concerns of community college employees and provide a liason between the membership, committees and the Board of Directors, and to foster and reaffirm the partnership and commonality of K-12, community college, and county office of education members.

Conference Committee


Marcos Gonzalez

The CSEA Annual Conference is the most important member event of the year. Conference Committee members work side by side with CSEA staff to plan, prepare and present the best Conference possible. During Conference week, Committee members are always busy, but never too busy to assist CSEA delegates and guests. 

Education Committee


Nerissa Sales

The Education Committee is comprised of CSEA member leaders from each CSEA Area, a member from a community college chapter, and a public sector member. The committee oversees the important role of training through the research, development, and promotion of effective, high quality educational programs and resources. The committee serves at the will of the Association President and makes recommendations through him/her to the Board of Directors.

Legislative Committee



The Legislative Committee oversees and participates in the formation and implementation of CSEA’s legislative agenda. The committee researches and makes recommendations on legislative resolutions; monitors and lobbies for legislation approved by the Board of Directors; and educates, informs and mobilizes members to further CSEA’s legislative and political agenda.

Member Benefits Committee


Jesse Tamayo

CSEA's Member Benefits Committee is comprised of CSEA member leaders from throughout the state who monitor all of the insurance and consumer discount programs CSEA offers members, as well as educate chapter leaders and members as to the value that CSEA membership holds in these areas, especially the opportunity to potentially return a member’s dues dollars through the savings realized by the programs offered.  The committee serves at the will of the association president and makes recommendations through him/her to the Board of Directors on approved or sponsored programs.

Political Action for Classified Employees (PACE) Committee


David Kong 

The PACE Committee offers financial assistance to chapters participating in school board and/or bond elections. Such assistance will only be provided if the requesting chapter follows CSEA policy relating to such elections and submits the appropriate official form 

Pre-Retirement Resource Committee


Martha Spellman

The purpose of the Pre-Retirement Resource Committee is to educate active employees about retirement benefits under CalPERS, Social Security and other retirement systems involving members represented by CSEA.

Research and Negotiations

The Research/Negotiations Committee supports, promotes and participates in training members in all aspects of research and negotiations procedures. The committee studies trends in contract negotiations, analyzes settlements to help CSEA negotiators achieve the best wages, hours and working conditions possible.

Resolutions Committee


Amy Keegan 

The Resolutions Committee serves as a resource and guide to the membership to ensure that Conference resolutions are in proper form for delegate action and provides a clear and concise analysis and recommendation on all resolutions assigned for review. The committee reviews all Conference resolutions requiring a change in the State Association’s Constitution & Bylaws and general policy matters. The Resolutions Committee also reviews all other Conference resolutions for assignment to other appropriate committees. The committee additionally provides materials that educate chapters on the “how to” of writing resolutions.


Union Resurgence

Union Resurgence

A recent survey found that nearly half of Americans who do not currently belong to a union would join one if they could.

Are you thinking about retirement?

Regardless of your age, you should have a plan for your retirement. Even if you don't expect to retire for many years, it is never too early to begin planning for your retirement.
Gavin Newsom

Governor signs landmark charter school reform bill

Governor Gavin Newsom signed two landmark charter school bills, taking a major step forward in reforming California’s decades-old charter school laws.

CSEA and the community

CSEA members are known for being active in the community. In many ways, that's what being a CSEA member is all about.

Retirees give back to their communities

CSEA retirees are spreading holiday cheer by giving back to their communities.

Members Get Active

As a member-run union, CSEA relies on members to step forward and contribute new ideas and new energy.

Paradise rises from the ashes

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Paradise Classified Chapter 837 ratified their contract with a unanimous vote in support of the tentative agreement of a 6.5 percent raise.

Settlement diffuses tension with district

This time last year, Palmdale Chapter 296 filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge when the school district unilaterally reduced the hours of 22 instructional assistants.