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Field Office Announcement & News

CSEA Super Session 2019

Super Session was held on November 2 and 3, 2019.  New RRs and Committee Members gathered to learn about the revitalization of the Site Rep program, update from our GR Department, and plan for the upcoming year.  We were honored to have our very own Assembly Member Susan Eggman as the keynote speaker.  Susan is a strong advocate for classified employees, working people, and protecting our communities.  Everyone walked away with a lot of new information and excited to continue to build our great union.   

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Area E RR Regional Summit

The Area E Regional Representatives met with the Area Director and Field Director for two days for a comprehensive training on developing relationships, building trust, and setting expectations.  We were honored to have Association President, Ben Valdepena, be our guest speaker on the first morning.  There was great discussion, learning, and building of Area E.  We are honored to have such a cohesive staff/member partnership. 

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CSEA River Delta Field Office member Anne Thatcher honored

Anne Thatcher from Ceres Chapter 140 was honored in Washington, D.C.  To view more pictures click here

State Superintendent and Assembly Members Tour Career Technical Education

State Assembly member Adam Gray organized a visit to Atwater High School in Merced Union High School District, to highlight the school’s Career Technical Education provided to the students.  The event was attended by State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, Assembly members Adam Gray and Anna Caballero, members of the school board and many others.  The group toured the following programs that are part of CTE:  Floral Design, Welding Tech, Medical Technologies, Javascript and Robotics, Construction Trades, Diesel Mechanic as well as the Agriculture program.  The group also met with students who attend these classes and heard directly from them as to how these programs have impacted their lives and how it will benefit them in the future.  CSEA Chapter President Beatrice McCutchen, Union Steward Ruben Hurtado and Labor Relations Representative Susan de Leon attended the event as well and had an opportunity to speak with Assembly members Gray and Caballero and State Superintendent Thurmond about the great work classified employees do every day to support the students of the various districts throughout the state.

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Lobby Visit with Assembly Member Susan Eggman

Regional Representative (Region 67) Christina Garcia, Regional Representative (Region 42) Debra Ladwig, Area E Legislative Committee Member Adam Uplinger and Labor Relations Representative Kyle Harvey conducted lobby visits on May 17, 2019 with Assembly Member Susan Eggman regarding her support for the following charter school bills: AB1505, AB1506, AB1507 & SB756.

CSEA River Delta Field Office members joined our brothers and sisters at the picket line!


Chapter Officers from Fowler Chapter 452, Irma Carbajal & Adela Spaunhurst, participated  at the Unite Here picket at Hilton Los Angeles North in Glendale during Membership Unity Program.

Kettleman Hills Chapter 332 Rally at School Boarding Meeting

Kettleman Hills Chapter 332 picketed at the school board meeting on November 15, 2018 to advocate for an increase to the insurance cap (to be the same as the teacher’s current cap) and a fair wage increase. The District and Chapter are currently at impasse, mediation is scheduled for December 11th.  Members from the teacher’s bargaining unit also attended and spoke at the board meeting in support of classified employees. The board meeting was standing room only.  

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CSEA Kerman Chapter 279 donates to Paradise Fire Victims

In a joint effort with Kerman Unified School District and the FFA, CSEA’s Kerman Chapter 279 made a trip to Paradise, California to donate a motorhome full of blankets and non-perishable items to victims of the fire.  The motorhome was given to a gentleman who lost his home in the fire.  “We just opened our hearts to these people who lost everything,” said Jerry Chames, Regional Representative 30 & Chapter President, “Isn’t it amazing that the people who make the least amount of money always seem to give the most?”  The Chapter continues to accept donations of non-perishable items to donate, and will next focus on collecting school supplies.  Mr. Chames went on to express his sincere gratitude to the members of Kerman Chapter 279 for their generous donations, time, and efforts towards the cause.

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CSEA Members Phone Bank for Tony Thurmond

CSEA Regional Representative Debra Ladwig hard at work with local members-phone banking for Tony Thurmond.  To see more photos, please click on the photo tab. 



Union Resurgence

Union Resurgence

A recent survey found that nearly half of Americans who do not currently belong to a union would join one if they could.

Are you thinking about retirement?

Regardless of your age, you should have a plan for your retirement. Even if you don't expect to retire for many years, it is never too early to begin planning for your retirement.
Gavin Newsom

Governor signs landmark charter school reform bill

Governor Gavin Newsom signed two landmark charter school bills, taking a major step forward in reforming California’s decades-old charter school laws.

CSEA and the community

CSEA members are known for being active in the community. In many ways, that's what being a CSEA member is all about.

Retirees give back to their communities

CSEA retirees are spreading holiday cheer by giving back to their communities.

Members Get Active

As a member-run union, CSEA relies on members to step forward and contribute new ideas and new energy.

Paradise rises from the ashes

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Paradise Classified Chapter 837 ratified their contract with a unanimous vote in support of the tentative agreement of a 6.5 percent raise.

Settlement diffuses tension with district

This time last year, Palmdale Chapter 296 filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge when the school district unilaterally reduced the hours of 22 instructional assistants.


Labor Breakfast with Assembly Member Susan Eggman

CSEA Retiree Chuck Walker, Field Director Janet Jones Sterling and Labor Relations Representative Casey Thompson attended the Labor Breakfast with Assembly Member Susan Eggman.

Labor Breakfast with Congressman Jerry Mc Nerney

RDFO Field Director Janet Jones Sterling and Congressman Jerry McNerney