Resolutions Committee

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Purpose Statement

CSEA’s Constitution and Bylaws provide the structure for our union. As times and situations change, chapters often seek to change our policies and practices through the resolution process. The Resolutions Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposed changes to CSEA’s Constitution and Bylaws and general policy matters. The committee evaluates all resolutions submitted for discussion at CSEA’s Annual Conference and makes recommendations on action to delegates. In addition to reviewing and explaining potential impacts of resolutions, the Resolutions Committee ensures that all proposals are in proper order for delegate action.


Back to School

Back to School: CSEA members get schools ready for students

While many people think of summer as vacation time for schools, CSEA members across the state worked behind the scenes to prepare for the start of a new school year.
Back to Work

Back to work, back to CSEA

As we start the new school year, don’t forget to reacquaint yourself with CSEA and all the rights and benefits you have as a union member.
Around the State

Around the State

From big chapter victories to classified employees going above and beyond, learn more about the great things CSEA members are doing.
Labor Day

Labor Day celebrates working people and workers’ rights

Labor Day is the only national holiday that officially recognizes the contributions of American working men and women.
Charter Schools

Charter Schools

The unregulated growth and lack of accountability of the state’s 1,300 publicly-funded, privately-managed charter schools threatens the success of public education.
CSEA holds 93rd Annual Conference

CSEA holds 93rd Annual Conference

More than 1,600 member delegates attended CSEA’s 93rd Annual Conference, this summer in Las Vegas. During the weeklong conference, they accomplished a year’s worth of business.