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Purpose Statement

When CSEA members retire from their jobs in schools, the Retiree Unit provides an opportunity to stay involved and continue to advocate for classified employees and working families. The Retiree Unit Executive Board is the elected leadership of CSEA’s Retiree Unit, working closely with local councils and the Association to coordinate political and election-related efforts, assisting the Pre-Retirement Resource Committee in its service to members who are readying for retirement, and mobilizing to support legislation that benefits classified employees, retirement and public education.

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Our mission: To improve the lives of our members, students and community.
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Hot off the press!!!

In Memoriam

Sandy was a gentle person.  She was in charge of the Sunshine committee and she was always willing to do whatever she could to help someone out.  She will be missed greatly. - Faye Lane, District E Director

She was our Sunshine Committee. Personally, she was my sunshine. In this day and age of texts and emails, she mailed cards, with hand-written messages - for no reason. Just because. Being the recipient of such, that brightened up my day. Thank you Sandy! - Susan Adams, District F Director

Sandy welcomed me into the RUEB board with open arms. She just knew how new & strange this was for me. As she sat on my right at board meetings I called her my "Right-hand CSEA Retiree sister".

As she couldn't be at conference, which she loved, I got a stuffed cat and with help got a badge made for our "Sandy" and she did everything everyone did including the Honor Roll luncheon,  thanks to Betty Cleveland.  Each night I would place what happened during the day on fb so she could see. She LOVED it.  I now have a flamingo in my front yard in her memory.

3 short, but wonderful years of friendship that felt like a lifetime. - Beth Kieffer, District D Director




Chairman's Message


It's time to get back to work!

Fall 2019

So many benefits that we worked so hard for, and for so many years, are in danger of being taken away or reduced that we must fight hard to restore them. Very wealthy and egotistical people are leading these attacks. We must now fight again to protect our earned rights, like Medicare, ACA, pensions, medical affordability and Social Security.

 In the recent days of Gilroy, Day­ton and El Paso have seen gun vio­lence once again. The people in these cities have had enough of the gun violence. We all want this to stop. A bi-partisan bill to require background checks was passed by the house many months ago; Mitch McConnell will not let the bill go to the floor of the senate for vote.

 It’s been 54 years since the Vot­ing Rights Act was signed into law. We need to ensure equal access to the ballot box so that all citizens are able to vote. The United States Senate must understand that equal voting rights are for all citizens!

“Yes, we are being attacked again. So, we must go again to the barricades to protect these values. It’s time for all of us to get back to work!!"

We need to explain what kind of country we are. We started this union to protect our pensions. We believe in healthcare as a Human Right! We also demand clean air and clean water. We want every child to have a roof over their head, food, quality education, and the opportunity to have an equal chance for success in life.

 The Social Security 2100 Act, if passed, would make the most signifi­cant update to Social Security since 1983. It would increase the benefit for millions of Americans. It would also ensure the Social Security Trust Fund for decades to come. It would protect low income workers by increasing the minimum monthly benefit. It helps Social Security retain value by adjusting benefits to current inflation levels. It also requires millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. We must protect these benefits!!

 Yes, we are being attacked again. So, we must go again to the barricades to protect these values. It’s time for all of us to get back to work!!

 In Solidarity,


Ron Duva

Retiree Unit Chairman

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Union Resurgence

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